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Technical issues - rga.eu.com Remote Gambling Association 1. The RGA is committed to the encouragement of high standards of probity and integrity, both for the benefit of its members and the public generally. Joint statement ‘Creating a Single Responsible Online ... (academics, problem gambling experts, criminologists etc.) within CEN to develop a workshop agreement on ‘Responsible Remote Gambling Measures’ (24 February 2011) setting out a list of 134 concrete measures that ensure responsible gambling and provide Responsible Gaming - Wikipedia

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EGBA Standards - EGBA The EGBA standards have been amended in February 2011 to incorporate the Remote Responsible Gambling Standards as agreed in the European Committee for standardisation (CWA 16259 : 2011 – ‘Responsible Remote Gambling Measures’).

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On the basis of recent studies, problem gambling rates remain stable with approximately 1% of gamblers affected by problem gambling – but more needs to be done to protect them. EGBA members comply with the CEN standards for Responsible Remote Gambling Measures and EGBA’s own set of internal responsibility standards. For more information Responsible Remote Gambling Measures - CEN The Workshop Agreement “Responsible Remote Gambling Measures” is a set of 134 practical measures aimed at safeguarding a high level of consumer protection and ensuring that remote gambling operators behave responsibly in the European Union. It was published in February 2011 by CEN, the European Committee for

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The objective of the CEN Workshop on ‘Responsible Remote Gambling Measures’ is to develop Control Measures that are: 1. capable of adequately protecting customers and ensuring that the remote gambling operators, software suppliers and associated service providers behave responsibly; and 2. eCOGRA publishes revised eGAPs - casinocitytimes.com "Operators who have achieved eCOGRA seal status should comply with the latest developments for CEN Responsible Remote Gambling Measures." CEN is the European Committee for Standardisation, one of three European Standardisation Organisations officially recognised by the European Union (www.cen.eu).

That’s why our members must comply with CEN’s standards for Responsible Remote Gambling Measures and EGBA’s own internal responsibility standards.

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